Why Some People Fail In Life



Long time ago, there was this young man. His father died and left him some money as inheritance. This young man thought of what he can do with the money so as to become wealthy and live a comfortable life. He came up with the idea of buying and selling dishes and glass cups. He went to buy it with all the money his father left for him& he sat down in his sitting room with the glass cups& the plates in front of him.
He began to calculate in his imagination how much he would sell it and how much he would make. He did the calculation and was multiplying​ the money. He threw his imagination so wide, to the point that he had calculated when he would make his first billion naira, build store houses in about 4 cities, become a major distributor of the glass cups and dishes in large quantity.
He imagined right there in his sitting room, how he will be awarded so many honorary degrees because of his wealth and influence in the society. He imagined how he would build the best house in his community with his wealth and how he would get marry to the most beautiful lady in his community. In the journey of his imagination, he imagined a day when his wife would offend him & he would shout on her and if she dare insult him, how he would give her a slap & send her out of the house. In his imagination, he started saying to himself that,
“Then, the parents of my wife would now come the following day to beg me. The father and the mother and some of her family members will come with her to beg me as I will sit on my royal seat as the richest man in my community. They will be begging me and I won’t even give them face. They will all prostrate at my feet and push their daughter (my wife) to me. They will tell her to crawl & hold my legs and beg me very well. In a way to show my honour and yet my anger to her, I will just stand up from my royal seat and just kick her away with my leg like this”. He made a serious kick with his legs only for him to hear the sound of the glass cups and dishes in front of him crumbling and crushing into pieces. It was that sound that woke him back to reality. He now discovered that he has not even sold the first set of glass cups and dishes he bought and now, he had used his pride imagination to break it. No more money. No more inheritance. He is back to zero point! What a shame!
Just like this young proud guy, many of us are chasing wealth, power and position so as to oppress people when we get there. A guy told me one day when I asked him why he is not married yet. He said he wants to build his house first and get a car so that, his wife won’t contribute anything to his wealth and he can ‘have mouth’ when he wants to deal with her in marriage.
The reason many of us can’t actualize our dream, the reason why some of us can not attain some positions of influence and power is because, God knows, we will kick people with our legs when we eventually get there.
There are many people, who boast of so many things. Many boast of tomorrow as if the key to tomorrow is in their custody. When God knows your pride and your naughtiness of heart, He will allow you to become so proud in your imagination until you will kick the ‘glass cups’ before you will ever make your first sales. There are ladies who are working so hard to become independent in marriage, so that, their husbands will never have any iota of leadership influence over them in Marriage.
Don’t miss my point in this post. It is not bad to aspire to be wealthy​, to be great or become someone to reckon with in life and Marriage, but, if your motive is to become so big and so wealthy that you can now kick people and terrorize them on your ‘royal seat’, I tell you, you might never get there. God has a way of making you to kick the ‘glass cup’ away before it become a big bussiness.
The Bible says ‘Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.’ (Proverbs 16:18).
How will you treat your wife, your husband, your children, your employees, your neighbours, your fellow human being, the less privileged around you when this ‘glass cups and dishes’ in front of you should turn to huge wealth and turn you to a wealthy, influencer , and a figure to reckon with? Think about this!

Written By: David Ekpebio

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