The Secret To a Fulfilled Life.



People can have all the money in the world,
They can wear all the cloths in the world,
They can drive all the cars on earth,
They can go to all the beautiful and special places in the world,
They can get different types of pleasures from the world but they cannot get fulfillment from Any of These things
and because Fulfillment does not come from any of these things, having them or enjoying them does not make anybody fulfilled.

Fulfillment in life has its own secret and the secret to fulfillment in life is Trapped in”Purpose”.
Before discovering your gift, refining your gift and releasing your gift, there is something else that is more important and essential in which our failure to recognize, understand and apply will produce abuse(“That’s abnormal use of the gift”).
This is it:-
Why were you given the gift??? (Purpose)
Having something is not really the problem,
Knowing why you have it, Is the most important thing.
Imagine that someone gave you a book that contains all the secrets you need to succeed in life, but the person never told you why he gave you the book and you are still suffering because you are misusing the book in ignorance thinking you are doing right thing or using it rightly like you choose to use the free spaces of the book as a notebook and believe that that’s all about the book instead of just reading the book which was the main reason it was given to you.

Knowing why you have something is like using the manual of that thing,
It’s also like understanding the reason behind it’s creation or production.
If you don’t know why you have something, you can suffer severely even when you have the solution with you.
Ignorance of the true reason why you have anything is like standing in front of a locked door when you have the key in your hand.
Let’s make it more serious,
It’s like sleeping outside the house because the doors are locked when you were given the house keys,
Hence, Lacking knowledge about why you have something is bad and highly frustrating.
We must move beyond Just discovering something to knowing why it was actually created by the creator.
So the question we should be asking now is “why do you have that gift?”,
Why did God bestow that particular gift on you?
That’s the question we must answer before even using the gift,
Sometimes discovering the gift is not the problem, using the gift rightly is always the Issue,.
Note:- The problem people have is not necessarily discovering the gift but what to use the gift for.

Gift is like the Brain,
Everybody have the Brain but everybody are not using the Brain properly,
Some use it to invent, help, build, solve problems, develop others, guide people, advise people, write books, open businesses, establish companies/industries,etc
While Others use it to kill,steal,corrupt, lie,cheat,defraud,deceive,maltreat,abuse,insult,destroy&oppress other people.
So having something has never been the problem, using it properly (“that’s the way it should be used as stipulated by the Giver”) Has always been the bane.

The secret to living a fulfilled life is hidden in this “Knowing why you were given the gift”, in other words fulfillment is hidden in purpose.
Fulfillment is like being seriously “Thirsty” and purpose is like “water”.
Note :- Fetching the water does not quench thirst,
Pouring the water on your head does not also quench the thirst,
Bathing the water does not also go near to quenching your Thirst.
Drinking the water is the only thing that quenches thirst.
If everything you have been doing has been outside of God’s purpose then you are not close to fulfillment,
Even though you may think that you are succeeding,
you will not be fulfilled and you will not receive Your crown.

If you must be fulfilled,
then don’t use your gift to do any other thing apart from what God has asked you to use it for.
Remember what the Holy Scripture says @ 2 Timothy 2:4-7
[4]No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy and please the one who enlisted him.
[5]And if anyone enters competitive games, he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully (fairly, according to the rules laid down).
[6][It is] the hard-working farmer [who labors to produce] who must be the first partaker of the fruits.
[7]Think over these things I am saying [understand them and grasp their application], for the Lord will grant you full insight and understanding in everything..
Live a fulfilled Life!!!

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