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The Perfect Way To Success

It is obvious that we fail to do so many things when we try to do them because

1.)we don’t know how to do them,
2.)we don’t Understand the procedures to follow and
3.)we don’t know the strategies or methods to use in doing them.
When people want to do what they have not done before , they try to get the techniques from others and sometimes from books,
—And The mistake they make is that Sometimes they believe more of what people say “is the way “than what is actually the way. Sometimes they rush to “fake and unreal ways” which makes them live temporary lives full of uncertainties, unexplainable calamities and insecurity.

The world has it ways of manipulating things, People can always give you more than one way to do a particular thing, books can give you ways. The Society can try to point out a particular usual/traditional way for you, Your friends, relatives, nation/country can also try to offer you their own opinion when it comes to the right way to choose but all of this ways are prone and susceptible to failure and disappointment. in other words they are not trust worthy.

When Jesus Christ came to the earth
he didn’t stammer or mince words when he said that he is “The Way”. John 14 vs 6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. He didn’t say am the way to one thing, neither did he say Am the way to that thing nor am the way to eternal life alone. He just said am “The Way,” And because He is just “The Way”, it means that if you ever want to know the way to do anything then just connect Him, There is nothing you want to do or accomplish in life that is in tandem with God’s plan that you can’t do.

It also means that you don’t need to read all the books and attend all the seminars in the world for you to know the way to use in achieving a particular thing. For example if you want to be rich, then Jesus Christ is the way to wealth. if you need life then go to the one who is the way to life. so many people just struggle to get rich, to live, to be healthy, happy, strong, pure, holy, Perfect, righteous, to succeed, To win, dominate, to be wise,  to be great, etc when they have “The Way” to all this things around them.

(Rev.3vs20) “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.) This is not supposed to be so, You don’t need to struggle to survive or stay healthy, If you are afraid of Getting sick then connect yourself to the one who is the way to health, If you need power then go to the one who is the way to power, If you need wisdom then go to “The Way” to eternal wisdom, If you need ideas then go to “The Way” to ideas. Don’t wait until you fail and fail and fail, Just connect the sure way to all you ever dream and desire, Don’t choose to try this and try that, Just do this one thing and you will never be disappointed.

Imagine that you have ten ways to do a particular thing and you are not sure of which way will guide and lead you to your expectation,
what will you do??  If you try all the ways then it may take you a life time to finish. And when you use a life time to try this way and that way, you will waste your time, energy and abilities for nothing.
Note:- Though there are so many ways, they don’t lead to the Real Thing because they are just ways and not The Way. You need The Way more than you need ways. Ways last just for a time but The Way is permanent. Ways can only give you cold comfort but The Way gives you an eternal comfort,.

The way is definitive, possessive, sure, trust worthy, reliable, rugged and applicable to all things. Don’t be deceived by the tricks of human (which are the ways of man) remember God said “Isaiah 55vs9, For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” The ways of men keep changing, they are not stable and they don’t ever last. All they do is to confuse and distract you, when they are done they leave you desolate again. The way that Jesus Christ is has everything in it, there is nothing you can’t find in that way.

All needs are met in that way,
All questions are answered in that way,
All problems are solved in that way,
Jesus Christ is the way to all things,
Stop deceiving yourself,  Other ways will lead to pains and sorrow, disappointment and shame, breakdown and uncertainties at last, They will definitely fail you at the end, But Jesus Christ who is “#The Way” Will Never Fail. Choose to remain in “The Way” that everything is guaranteed than the way that you only know today and have no knowledge or idea of what tomorrow will be like..
Remain in The Sure Way..

This may not be for you but it might be for your friend, so please endeavor to share with others.

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