Written By: Bight Ime Jacob
Two Men Were Given The same Type Of Seeds,
The First Man Looked At The Seed,Studied It And Decided To Wrap It In A Bag Without Making Any Effort To Even Know The Type Of Seed That Was Given To Him ,Neither Did He Care About The Fruits Of The Seed Nor The Reproduction Of Other Seeds,
He Said, Allowing It To Remain In The Bag Will Make It More Safe,
But He Forget Something,
That Seeds Were Not Created To Be Kept In A Bag,He Also Missed The Fact That “Making It More Safe Is Not The Essence Of Seeds”.
The Second Man Looked At The Seed And Wondered What Type Of Seed It Was,
He Made Findings About It And All He Got Were Speculations And Assumptions,
Still Desperate To Find Out The Truth About The Type Of Seed That Was Given To Him,The Fruits It Will Bear And The Reproduction Of Other Seeds,He Decided To Plant It.
Just Like This Two Men,
We All Have Been Given The Same Amount Of Time, But Some Don’t Really Value The Time,
Some Hardly Think About What They Are Supposed To Do With Their Time,
Some Do The Wrong Things With Time,
Some Don’t Even Know Why They Were Given Time,
Some Think That Time Was Given To Them, So That They Can Do What “The First Man” Did With The Seed.
Many People Are Actually like The First Man,They Choose To Wrap Time,
What Does This Mean?
Wrapping A Seed Is Making It :-
5.Open To Abuse.
So By Wrapping Time Means Making It Unfulfilled, Unfruitful, Unproductive ,Useless And Vulnerable To Abuse. Planting A Seed Is The Essence Of A Seed,
Seeds were Meant To Be Planted Not To Be Wrapped, Just As Time Was Meant To Be Invested Not Wasted,
Planting A Seed Is Making It Fruitful,Useful, Fulfilling, Productive And Abuse Free.
Now Based On Their Decisions,Their Results Were Different,
.The First Man Got Nothing From The Seed,The Second Man Got A Growing Tree,
.The First Man Saw No Fruits,The Second Man Enjoyed Fruits And Even Used It As A Source Of Income,
.The First Man Had Only A Seed At The End Of Five Years Which Shows Unproductivity And The Second Man Had A vineyard Filled With Planted Seeds Which Depicts Productivity.
In The Story, Which Category Do You Belong?
Is It The First Man Or The Second Man?
Note This; It Is What You Do With The Time That Has Been Given To You That Will Make The Difference,
Wrapping The Seed Is An Action But It Is Not Necessarily The Right Action, Doing Something That Is Not Right With Your Time Is Mortgaging Your Future Fruits & Growth And It Is Synonymous With Time Wasting,
There Are Certain Things We Are Supposed To Do With Time And Not Everything,
But Because We Don’t Know What To Do, We Don’t Also Know What We Are Not Supposed To Do ,In Other Words Knowing What You Are Supposed To Do With Time Is Automatically Knowing What You Are Not Supposed To Do With Time.

 How Will You Know What To Do With Your Time?
Time Always Comes With Purpose, To value Time You Have To Find Purpose First And To Know Time, Is To Know Purpose And To Know Purpose Is To Know God,
So God Is Still First And You Must Know Him First Before You Discover purpose And Know What You Are Supposed To Do With Time, Before You Really Know Something,You Must Associate With It,
Start Associating With God By Accepting Jesus Christ Into Your Life If You Have Not Done That Yet,
Then You Should Remember That You Don’t Know A Person In A Day, So Remain In The Relationship With Christ And Your Knowledge Of God Will Increase Continuously And Daily..

What Does It Mean To Redeem The Time?
To Redeem Time Is To Restore The Honor Worth, And Reputation Of Time,
In Other Words Redeeming Time Means Adding More Value ,Worth And Reputation To What We Do With Our Time.
Redeem Can Even Be Further Explained Thus :- Re And Deem.
“Deem” Meaning To Judge And “Re” Means To Do Again,
So To Redeem Your Time Also Means To Judge The Way You Use Your Time Again.

 3 Methods That Can Help To Redeem Time
1. Discover What You Are Getting Back From The Way You Use Your Time Everyday,
2. Find Out What Others Are Getting Back From The Way They Use Their Time Too,
3. And Then, Compare The Results And You Will Realize If You Are Wrapping Time Or Planting Time.
Learn To Redeem Time By Planting It.
See Then That Ye Walk Circumspectly, Not As Fools, But As Wise,
Redeeming The Time, Because The Days Are Evil.(Ephesians 5 vs16).
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