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Ranking the five worst WWE title belt designs of all-time

The most unpopular championship belt in WWE has finally been replaced – but the new version is not much better itself.

The bright red Universal Championship has now gone after moving from Raw to SmackDown, and the switch to the blue brand with Bray Wyatt’s victory against Seth Rollins means the belt now has a new blue leather look to it.

It looks marginally better now, but it’s still the same design and fans may have been hoping for something a lot more different and customised for ‘The Fiend’.

But is the Universal Championship the ugliest title design in WWE history?

We’ve had a look and them all and narrowed it down to five of the worst – and they’re all pretty recent.

5. WWE CHAMPIONSHIP [2005 – 2013]

When the Brand Extension happened in 2002, a new Undisputed Championship belt was commissioned, and it was simple and elegant.

It lasted three years until John Cena became the champ in 2005, and he introduced a new title – where the centre-plate WWE logo span around.

The belt was full of jewels and the replica and the toy versions were popular with children, but it just looked far too blingy to be taken seriously as a belt that represented the top champion in the company.

CM Punk carried the spinner WWE Championship for over a year

It’s amazing that it actually lasted a whole nine years, until The Rock introduced a new design in 2013.


R-Truth is the record title holder of the 24/7 Championship

The newest title in WWE is also perhaps the ugliest.

There has been some fun moments since it was introduced earlier this year, mainly due to R-Truth’s comedic timing, but the design is just bad.

A green strap with a big circular gold plate is just basic and whilst it stands out – it’s not for the right reasons.


Not much needs to be said about this one as it’s already been highlighted.

The Universal Championship has been panned by fans for the last three years

Revealed at SummerSlam 2016 to a chorus of boos, the red Universal Championship was replaced last night by a brand new blue belt for the SmackDown brand.

No doubt fans are happy with the change – the blue suits a lot, lot better.


Described as a ‘bigger tragedy than the plague’ by JBL, Cena produced his own version of the U.S. Title at Armageddon 2004 – the original spinner belt.

John Cena's custom US Championship wasn't to everyones tastes

It was full of diamonds and the full centre plate spun around, but the design only lasted for four months.

After losing the title to JBL’s stable-mate Orlando Jordan in March 2005, JBL blew the title up inside a trash can, bringing a fiery end to Cena’s reign.

1. DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP [2008 – 2016]

With the Women’s Championship being exclusive to Raw, SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero decided to bring in the Divas Championship to the blue brand.

AJ Lee was perhaps the most iconic Divas Champion ever

The idea was good – but the title design was simply awful.

The butterfly belt didn’t look like a wrestling title at all, and when WWE finally decided to refer to their female performers as superstars and not divas, the belt was retired.

There were some bad designs from before the 2000s, and of course the list is subjective, but the more recent ones come to the memory first.

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