How To Safeguard Your Relationship/Marriage



.One of the biggest misunderstandings about affairs is that they begin with sex. More times than not, an affair happens when one of the couples lets their guard down and allows a seemingly innocent gesture or flattering comment linger in their thought-life. Often such happenings are reciprocated, even naively so, and an attraction type of emotion is generated and felt by someone other than their mate. What is very unfortunate is that this behavior is far too common for many couples.
1 Peter 5: 8 charges us to stay alert as our enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (paraphrased). This is especially true for married couples.
Marriage is hard work and it comes with a myriad of stresses, and if the couple is not meeting each other’s needs and not living out their perspective roles that are laid out in scripture, the enemy will come in and begin to slowly and subtlety divide a couple, with the goal of wreaking havoc on their relationship and family.


.What can we do as couples to make it difficult for the enemy of our soul to come in and destroy our marriage and family?

.Stay close to Jesus. When the husband and wife make their relationship with the Lord priority number 1, it makes it more difficult for the enemy to have victory in their lives.

.Wake up every morning looking to out serve each other. Putting each other’s physical and emotional needs before your own communicates value and love, which does wonders for the relationship.

.Convert CLOSE friendships with the opposite sex into CASUAL friendships. Someone once said, “Affairs don’t start in bedrooms, they start with conversations.” Be very careful with having close friends of the opposite sex. Your time together with those types of friends should be INFREQUENT and always OUT IN THE OPEN.

.Don’t stop dating each other. Romance one another all the time. This keeps the emotional love tank full, thus reducing the temptation to find affection elsewhere.

.Be intentional about connecting frequently. Do not allow busy schedules and everyday life stresses get in the way of becoming one.

Starting here will help safeguard your marriage and put you on the road to a long-lasting love affair WITH YOUR SPOUSE!

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