Written By: Bright Ime Jacob

Life Is Like A Record Book, It Takes Meticulous Record Of Everything That Happens Daily,
In Life A Second Is History,
*A Minute Is History,
*An Hour Is History,
*A Day Is History,
*A Week Is History,
*A Month Is History,
*A Year Is History,
.There Is Nothing Done In Life That Is Not Stored By Life Itself,
.Life Has It Own Storage And Retrieval System.

In A Memory, Though A Lot Of Things Are Stored, We Don’t Store Haphazardly, We Only Store What We Want To Use Later, But Life Stores Everything, What We Want And What We Don’t Want, That’s Why We Remember Things We Also Hate And Regret, Because They Are All Stored For Us Not By Our Choice But Stored Compulsorily.

People Normally Thinks That What They Do Today,
Ends Today, But That’s Not Necessarily True, Because The Word Of God Cannot Be Broken (Whatever A Man Soweth, That Shall He Reap).

The Reason Why People Regret And Hate Their Past Is Just Because They Created A Memory Of Hate And Regret,
You Will Always Remember What You Did And Not What You Did Not Do,
Sometimes You May Not Love To Remind Yourself Of What Happened In The Past But Life Has Different Ways Of Bringing Back The Past To The Present ( Both Good And Bad ) Through Different Mediums (Things Or People).
So Whatever You Do Now Will Be A Memory Tomorrow,

So How Will That Memory Make You Feel?
Those Things You Are Doing Now Because Of Anything, When Their Images Appear Again Tomorrow, Will You Hate It Or Love It?
Will The Things You Enjoy Today Make You Shed Tears Of Regret Tomorrow?
When The Video Of Your Today’s Life Is Played, What Will Happen To You? Will You Be Proud Of What You Will Watch? Or Will You Wish That You Never Lived That Type Of Life?
While We Are Still Expecting A Better Future, What Memories Will Decorate That Future For Us?

Memory Is The Life You Live Everyday,
.The Things You Do Everyday,
.The Things You See,Hear&Feel Everyday,
.The Books You Read,
.The Experiences You Have
.And The Things You Give Your Time To Everyday.

Possible Effects Of Memories:

-Memories Can Kill,
-They Can Cause Depression,
-They Can Cause Fear,
-They Can Bring You Down,
-They Can Destroy,
-They Can Be Your Obstacles,
-They Can Distract You,
-They Can Discourage You,
-They Can Encourage You,
-They Can Lift You,
-They Can Help You,
-They Can Bless You,
-They Can Promote You,
-They Can Create Opportunities For You,
-They Can Also Establish You And Make You Fearless,Etc.

Strive To Create Good Memories..
Study These Carefully:-
.Numbers 13:30 (Today’s Action Which Will Be Tomorrow’s Memory).
[30]And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

.Joshua 14 vs 7  (The Memory Of That Action)
[7]Forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the LORD sent me from Kadeshbarnea to spy out the land; and I brought him word again as it was in mine heart.

.Joshua 14 vs 14. (Fruit Of The Memory).
[14]Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel.

What Will You Remember Tomorrow?
Easter Is Here And We Are Remembering Our Lord Jesus For Dying For Us,
What Will You Be Remembered For???

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