5 Reasons Why Most Women Remain Single



Written By – David Ekpobio 

The number of unmarried women has continued to increase over years. There are many women who have reached the age of getting married but they are not ready to walk down the aisle. Have you asked yourself why this is happening? Here are reasons why most women aren’t getting married these days.

1. Bad character :
Someone ladies characters are nothing to write home about to an extent you’ll start thinking whether they were created by Satan or assistant God or even apprentice. I know of one lady (Eno) whose fiancee borrowed her a box (traveling bag) to use for their church program which held in their church headquarters, unfortunately the box got stolen and that was how the entire community and the church got to know he borrowed the box from her fiancee, the case was taken to their church, the ruling of the church court ordered the guy to buy her a new box which he did and that was the end of their relationship. Guest what? the guy is now married with three kids but the girl in question is still single at her age now being 38.

2. They are becoming less reliant on men for financial support:
Unlike in the past, modern women no longer depend on men for financial support. The women now look for their money. Educated and financially stable women prefer living single than getting married to men who will dump them at the end of the day.

3. They are now focusing on their careers:
Women are now focusing on their careers. They find no reason to date or get married. Women are now dreaming big in life. They spend most of their time building their lives than looking for men to settle down with.

4. Marriageable men are not easy to find:
Finding the right man can be one of the daunting tasks to undertake. Most men are not ready for commitment. Women have opted to remain single than marry men who are not ready.

5. Men fear successful women:
Successful women are considered a threat to men. Most men fear them. They feel intimidated whenever they find successful women in different areas of life. Most men find it hard dating a woman who seems more powerful than them.

Greed: Some ladies too de get big eye. They are broke but wouldn’t want to mingle with broke guys too, forgetting that as iron sharpeneth iron so plastic sharpeneth plastic. They are extremely broke but they will be like “I can’t start a life with someone living in a single apartment, he must live in a flat, buy a car, work with famouse company”.  Sister aunty think about this thing!

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