20 Rules Of Building A Peaceful Family



We all want a peaceful family.

Some of us more highly sensitive mamas definitely NEED this more than others.

The thing is that as a family — and human beings living under the same roof — there is bound be noise, conflict and chaos.

Over my years as a mother and working with women around the world on creating family wellness plans that TAME the chaos, I have found a few tricks that work to keep the peace.

If being peaceful as a family is something you highly value in your life, these tips will certainly help get you there one day at a time.

20 Happy Rules for a Peaceful Family

  1. Just Be Kind | Choose being kind over being right.
  2. Say Yes | And Say Yes A Lot.
  3. Ban Busy | Slow the heck down!
  4. Say Thanks | Practice Gratitude.
  5. Set Positive Rules | Loving, Effective Rules.
  6. Make Memories | Create really, really good memories.
  7. Notice the Beauty | It’s absolutely everywhere.
  8. Break Bread Together | Enjoy Peaceful Dinners
  9. Just be | This is the best way to be together
  10. Breathe  | Breathe in love. Breathe out peace.
  11. Allow mistakes | Celebrate mistakes.
  12. Play | And play often.
  13. Be Emotional | Embrace your feelings.
  14. Be Flexible | Or, as I like to call it be bendy.
  15. Focus on the good stuff | And it’s all good stuff.
  16. Make Messes | Let go of the clean up.
  17. Remain Calm | It’s not easy for your kids either.
  18. Sleep | Always choose sleep.
  19. Embrace Imperfection | Accept human beings make mistakes.
  20. Go Outside | Really, all year long you should be outside.

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