The Impact Of Worry[ And How To Live A Life Of Less Worry]


Know How to overcome worry by reading this post. Worry is an activity but it’s the most useless activity on earth, Why is it so? It is because :- It does not feed us, it does not bless us , It does not solve our problem, It does change our lives, It does not make us grow, It does not improve our life, It does not prosper us, It does not lift us, It does not employ us, It does not pay us, It does not make us valuable, It does not help us to succeed, It does not educate us, It does not transform us, It does not pay our debt, It does not pay our rent, It does not pay our taxes, it does not build house for us, It does not drive us to any better place, It does not help us, It does not support us, It does educate us, It does liberate us, It does not sympathize with us, it does not answer our questions, it does not give us breakthrough, It does not take us higher, It does not make any positive contribution to our life, it helps us to do nothing.

In fact, Worry does not do anything in our favour, Instead of solving problems it creates them by even making us sick, It makes us use our time and energy wrongly, It makes us abuse our brain, it kills our creativity. It makes devalue ourselves and waste our gift, it helps us to ignore our potentials and the divine deposits of heaven.

A friend of mine asked me how not to worry about the cat, which had some mild symptoms of illness, but nothing that looked severe enough to take the cat to the veterinarian. She also thought the symptoms were so subtle that they might not be easy to describe to the vet, but still she worried. I finally said to her, “You must do something.” and I am saying same thing to you now “you must do something”. “That’s just the problem, there’s nothing to do,” she said.

“Take some kind of action,” I said. “Call the vet and talk to him.” “That doesn’t make sense because the vet wouldn’t know anything from what I told him, and he’d probably ask me to take her in to see him, and I know it’s not that serious,” she said. “Yes, I understand,” I said, “But you should take the action for you, not for the car or the vet(Which is why you must always take action for yourself and not even the thing, you are more important than anything, you are the one that will bear the full brunt, feel the pain and also have the result, so you don’t have to entertain worry, just be proactive for yourself) .

By not doing anything you’re keeping yourself trapped in worrying.” “Okay,” she said. “I see what you mean.” When she called the vet, to her surprise, the vet was able to make a good assessment of what was wrong. He recommended that she bring the cat in, and if it was what he thought it was, he could give her something to clear it up right away. You see, worry is useless, aimless and profitless, it makes you see no sense in doing the right thing but keeps you in foolishness. You can sit down there and worry, but nothing will happen, worry just keeps you busy over nothing, It makes you feel as if you are doing something when You are actually doing nothing, Worry is a prove that you are not doing anything, It’s a sign that you enjoy inactivity, Worry means that you are beating the air, Anything that worries you should be acted on, not just thought about.

Don’t worry, just get up and do something, try something, there is nothing wrong with trying, but there is everything wrong with Worrying because worrying makes things worst, Taking action makes you feel relieved, Worry gives you burdens, It heaps problem upon problem, It adds loads to load, It open doors for more depression, It releases weight upon weight, Worry stops you from being creative and productive because it makes you use your ability for the wrong thing, Don’t be scared about the action; you can make it very small and easy, as long as you take an action.

Even small actions will chase away your worries, Worries hates action, just like darkness hates light, darkness knows That it will not be known, seen, felt or experienced again when once light is ushered in, Which is what happens to worry, Worry dreads action, Its like an a thief that is afraid of the appearance of the owner, Worry knows that action will change everything about it, So it will never want you to do something, It will always make you enjoy sitting, It will make you enjoy sleep, it will make you feel like you are doing the correct thing by giving it attention while it uses that opportunity to destabilize your system and raise your blood pressure, worry has a hard time coexisting with action. When there’s action, there’s no worry . When there’s worry, there’s no action. So the secret is this “overcome worry by taking action”…. Welcome to a worry free life.

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