Are you eager to conceive a baby?? Then you must know your most fertile time of the month so that the chances of pregnancy will get increased. Planning intercourse during fertile days will help you become a mommy very soon.

So thinking of how to track your fertile days?? For that you must understand your monthly menstrual cycle. If you figure out details of your monthly cycle than it is very easy to understand about Ovulation calendar calculator. Moreover, you can plan to have sex on fertile days and will likely get a fat positive sign. So, we are here to help you out with our Ovulation Calculator tool. Predicting ovulation using ovulation calculator is also a good way to know about your fertile days and avoid unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.

Ovulation calculator helps women to be aware about how the body works so that women can maximise their conception chances. However, you must keep in mind that women’s body cycles can sometimes behave differently and the ovulation calculation may fail leading to unwanted pregnancy or not getting pregnant even after trying hard.

How this Ovulation calculator works??

It is very simple. You must put in the 1 st day of your last monthly menstruation cycle. Also, punch in average length of menstrual cycle and then press Calculate / Submit. You will get all the information about Safe days, Fertile days, Ovulation day. Note down the results and plan your intercourse accordingly.

How Can I Manually Tell If I’ve ovulated?

Every month an egg gets matured in the women’s reproductive system and it is most fertile mid cycle during ovulation. If it meets a sperm and is fertilised by the sperm than it will further lead to implantation and lead to pregnancy. Hence you will not get any periods.

However, if fertilisation doesn’t take place during ovulation period, than the uterine lining will be shed which eventually will lead to next menstrual cycle. To detect ovulation, mark the first date of your menstrual cycle and when the bleeding stops. Do this for a couple of months and you will get to know the average of your monthly cycle. In fact, this cycle varies from woman to woman as some have shorter or longer cycles.

Ex. For females having an average 28 to 32 day monthly cycle, ovulation process takes place between 11 th day to 21 st day.

Symptoms of Ovulation

  • Basal body temperature rises and can be detected by using thermometer, 0.5 to 1 degree,
  • Cervical mucus, or discharge from vagina, may appear like raw egg whites
  • Include Folic acid tablets
  • Home ovulation kit can measure increased levels of luteinizing hormone.
  • Tender breasts
  • Bloating
  • Mild pain or cramping
  • Light vaginal spotting

How to Plan Intercourse during Ovulation period?

There is a small time of 12-24 hours during which a female egg is alive and viable and is capable of fertilisation. Planning intercourse just before or on ovulation day will increase your chances of pregnancy. Sperms can survive for between three to six days after ejaculation. But once fertilisation takes place signal is sent to rest of the sperms to stop their efforts as already the champion is selected.

If unfortunately you get your periods even after planning pregnancy using ovulation calculator you must check for lifestyle changes that are stopping you from getting pregnant.

  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce intake of alcohol
  • Include Folic acid tablets
  • Eat balanced diet with lot of nutritious and healthy food
  • Avoid Coffee/Tea/Carbonated beverages.

Also paying attention to your partner’s diet is utmost important as it will help to ensure that you are on the right track. Get his sperm count and motility checked to avoid wasting your efforts and time.

Also it is the time to turn down the heat. Steamy hot showers or soaking in hot water tub baths can lower his sperm counts and also the quality of sperm. Avoid sitting with laptop on lap.


If you already have a baby girl and want to conceive a prince this time than you may try some tricks of Ovulation calculator for boy birth. As we know male sperms are fast swimmers than female sperms. Mark your ovulation calendar calculator as 24 hours pre ovulation and 12 hours post ovulation plan for a boy baby. However this Ovulation calculator for a boy is not a sure shot method.


As per ovulation calculator, before ovulation programme for 3 – 4 days try to conceive. While having unprotected sex the more closer you are to the ovulation day, your chances of conceiving a baby girl will be higher.

However, while trying to get pregnant is your most important agenda keep in mind that life is not only about getting pregnant. There are many couples just like you and you are not the only one going through this. So be stress free, eat healthy, practise healthy lifestyle changes and track your fertile days using our ovulation calculator to track ovulation period.

Of course, if your periods are irregular using our ovulation calculator gets difficult. We recommend consult your doctor about your periods if you’ve been trying for a long time, just to be sure that there are no issues with your fertility.


Only your gynaecologist can accurately estimate your ovulation dates or the date of your ovulation period depending on his/her knowledge of your complete medical conditions.

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