Most People Just Love To Do What They Feel Like Doing And Not What They Are Supposed To Do,
Most People Just Love To Say Whatever Enters Their Mouth Whether Right Or Wrong,
Most People Just Act Without Even Thinking,
Most People Just Love To Experiment Everything,
They are Not Really Sure Of What They Are Doing Or What They Are Saying And The Worst Thing Is That They Don’t Even Want To Be Sure Of Anything,
They Just Love To Do Whatever They See Others Doing Without Even Having Any Reason For Doing It,
They Live On Assumptions,Suggestions And Speculations,

They Forget That Life Is Too Short For Anybody To Live On Trials And Errors,
We Spend Time Doing All Types Of Things That We Are Not Sure Of What Their Outcome Will Be,
Sometimes We Even Trivialise Important(Expedient) Things And Prioritize Worthless Things (Note:-Though This Worthless Things May Be Disguised As Valuable Things,They Still End Up Wasting Our Time).

Life Was Not For Experiment,
God Did Not Create Us For Experiment,
We Are Not To Experiment Ourselves,
In Fact,We Don’t Even Have Time To Do Any More Experiment(Trying This And Trying That) With Ourselves,
Its Time To Be More Certain About :-
What Our Purpose Is,
What Our Mission Is,
What Our Vision Is,
What Our Calling Is,
And What Our Life Assignment Is.

Most People Regret Bitterly, When They Discover That They Have Wasted Their Whole Life Experimenting And As A Result Of That,They Did Not Succeed In Fulfilling Their Destiny,
Most Times We Confuse Success With Abundant Possessions But The Truth Is That Success Is Not Really Found In Possessions Neither Is Possessions Part Of Its Evidence Nor One Of It’s Determinants,
Success Is More About You, What You Have Done With You(Your Potentials), How Fulfilled And Successful Your Creator Has Been After The Completion Of Your Life And Above All How Your Creator Feels About You. (So Success Is Determined By The Manufacturer Not By Anybody)

No Matter What A Car Does, If It Does Not Drive, Then It Is Not Successful And The Manufacturer Has Not Succeeded Too, So Just Doing Anything Or Many Types Or Things Does Not Make You Successful, Fulfilling Your Original Purpose Does,
No Matter How Beautiful An Airplane Is, If It Cannot Fly On The Sky,Then The  Has Failed,
So Beauty Is Not The Most Important Thing,”Purpose” Is.
Time Is Not Waiting For You To Be Ready Or Make Up Your Mind To Do Anything, Time Is Forward Ever And Backward Never,

So Stop Seeing Complains, Excuses, Obstacles, Hindrances, Fears And Reasons Not To Fulfil Your Purpose,
There Is Just No Time To Wait/Waste Again, Just Hit The Nail On The Head(God’s Purpose For Your Life) And Forge Ahead With Your Life Assignment…
In Other To Do The Above,You Must Always Remember This “The Purpose Of A Thing Is Determined And Created By The Manufacturer Of That Thing And For That Thing To Fulfill Its Purpose, It Must Abide In The Manufacturer And Also Depend Totally On The Directives Of The Manufacturer,
So Do not Forsake Your Creator(GOD), He Has Your Manual In His Hands, Only Him Can Read It To Your Understanding And He Is Your Certainty”…
Choose To Be More Certain About Life!!!

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