Whether you’re on a budget, or simply looking for something to enjoy together that is fun, light and unique – here are the top 50 romantic quality time ideas that won’t cost you a dime.

Quality time doesn’t always have to entail spending, yet depending on where you live there might not be that much to do in your town or city. So a drive may be your only expense. But there is always something you can do together instead of “watching that Netflix movie” every Friday or Saturday.

And dates don’t necessarily have to be “nighttime” based, either. Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise together, or see who can stay up the longest without falling asleep – these romantic quality time ideas are solely about the time spent together. It’s up to you how you make it meaningful in your relationship.

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  1. Free movie on the lawn (or lake, park, free wherever!)

  2. Brewery or wine tour (some out there are free!)

  3. Game night (with or without friends!)

  4. Walk through local gardens or arboretum

  5. Day at the beach/on the lake/along the river

  6. Take a walk/bike ride

  7. Hike nearby trails (Not sure where? Use this trail finder by your location!)

  8. Create a DIY game to play (DIY Monopoly, Scategories or C.A.H)

  9. Go to the county fair (watch people get sick on the rides instead!)

  10. Go sightseeing (nearby city/town/park)

  11. Attend a trivia night

  12. Attend a little league game in your community (don’t be creepy about it!)

  13. Window shop (who says you have to buy anything?!)

  14. Volunteer for the day (soup kitchen, humane society, animal shelter!)

  15. Throw a dance party, or DIY dance lesson (just the two of you!)

  16. Free zoo days (offered select days throughout the year!)

  17. Browse the farmer’s market

  18. Play the list game (“Ex: 25 things on your bucket list in the next 5 years” in 60 seconds)

  19. See who can stay up all night the longest (not advised to do on a work night!)

  20. Take a scenic drive

  21. At home couple’s massage (make it legit – soft music, massage oil & 1 hour commitment!)

  22. Have a picnic

  23. Play pretend “real estate” online (pretend you are in the market for a house – pick a budget and location – each narrow down to 1 place and come to a compromise)

    *My husband and I do this quite often – it’s fun and addicting!

  24. Rearrange your furniture (a little feng shui never hurt anybody!)

  25. Play the “I Spy” game (at a park, walking around a city or people watching!)

  26. Ghost hunt at your local cemetery

  27. Create a scavenger hunt

  28. Play a sport together

  29. Release your inner child together (play on the playground!)

  30. Get lost in IKEA

  31. Go stargazing

  32. Geocache Surprise

  33. Open houses or estate sales (walk through, pretend you’re interested)

  34. Video game battle (Mario Kart, Super Mario, or Wii)

  35. Build an epic living room fort

  36. Free ice cream or smoothie days (check local listings!)

  37. Read a book together (to each other, aloud, taking turns)

    *My husband and I have recently started doing this – choosing books in helping build up our marriage. We just recently finished this one – The Five Love Langauges by Gary Chapman – highly recommend!

  38. Browse through a flea market

  39. Go tubing down a river (preferably one that is swim-able!)

  40. Take a casual nap-a-roo together (obviously don’t make it only about sleeping!)

  41. Go to the dog park (with or without a dog!)

  42. Camp in the backyard (using a tent, or making your own DIY tent)

  43. Share your thoughts on book titles at a bookstore

  44. Create a meal from kitchen scraps (more so quirky and fun than appetizing)

  45. Play the Alphabet game (Anywhere, not just on the road “Ex: the mall”)

  46. Karaoke night

  47. Attend an arts & crafts festival (check your nearest listings!)

  48. Reverse strip poker (you add on rather than take off)

  49. Go fishing

  50. Watch the sunrise or sunset

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